Why would anyone in their right mind start an indie press? Because the holes made by the transformation of the publishing industry over the last several years have been enormous.

In all the noise, “quiet” books have disappeared.

To FourSquarePress, “quiet” means skillfully written, character driven, or poetry.

Self-publishing can be dicey, with pricey service bureaus being willing to publish dreck that lacks development or even editing, sending them into the virtual circular file with zero marketing support.

We can help.

Four Square Press now has four books under its imprint: a novel, and two books of poetry. All have been well-reviewed by professional organizations and individual readers.

We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished, but as we keep reminding ourselves, it’s only the beginning. We plan to keep sending “Inspiration into the universe, one square book at a time!”





Four Square Press

Four Square Press is an independent publisher of carefully crafted stories and poetry. Our initial releases are getting rave reviews! Click on Titles for details.