How to Earn Your Keep

How to Earn Your Keep

How to Earn Your Keep

How to Earn Your Keep is the story of Kit Lavoie, who struggles to make ends meet while keeping her conscience clear during the sub-prime mortgage era. After losing her college scholarship due to an abusive stalker boyfriend, she is back at home on Boston’s north shore, responsible for her mother and “questioning” brother, Larry. The culture clash between their humble home and the horse farm where Larry works is a revealing subplot in this well-paced novel that is as compassionate as it is wickedly sharp. Kit works for a personal injury lawyer in historic Salem, Mass., and goes along with a scheme to snag a wealthy defendant—until a moment of clarity brings her back to her senses.

Praise for How to Earn Your Keep:

“The sister and brother are endearing in different ways, and the reader will likely end up rooting for them to find the right path as they navigate the worlds of work they inhabit and the home they share. It’s also refreshing to read a novel that involves legal issues that is, on the whole, accurate, as well as clearly explained in bite-sized chunks throughout.”

- IndieReader

How To Earn Your Keep has “aspects of a legal thriller, shadings of chick lit, and something akin to a coming out story, braided into a larger narrative about finding one’s moral compass in trying times. It’s an engaging mix…”

- Gay & Lesbian Review Worldwide

About the Author

Deahn Berrini relishes in accurate detail. Her first novel, Milkweed, looks at posttraumatic stress disorder in returning veterans from the family’s point of view. It was extensively researched and lauded by Richard Currey, author of the classic Fatal Light. Milkweed received 5 Stars from Midwest Review and was recommended by the Vietnam Veterans of America’s The VWA Veteran.

Berrini teaches writing and lives with her family on Boston’s north shore.

Review Copies, Author Interviews, Book Clubs

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Now Available in Print and eBook Editions

How to Earn Your Keep is available directly from Four Square Press on our Products page. Bookstores and librarians may also order it from Ingram Content Group’s distribution channel. Find it as well on Amazon, Kindle and Nook.






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