Bird Calls

Bird Calls

Bird Calls


by Maria Mello

Every poem tells a story.

Marked by exquisite description and a depth of understanding, Maria Mello brings the force of a life lived fully to her highly readable, memorable poems. Rooted in the natural world and arranged in sections named for the sounds of different bird species, each grouping corresponds to a separate theme—longing, discovery, loss, communion, and wisdom.

Praise for Bird Calls:

“Naturally graceful, birds fill the imaginations of many. “Bird Calls” is a collection of poetry from Maria Mello who offers insight on these creatures and how to better appreciate them through her poetry. A fine pick for bird lovers, “Bird Calls” is a fine pick, not to be missed. “Water”: A circle of silver catches my eyes/in the nighttime garden./It is only the moon caught/in the fresh-filled bird bath.”

- Small Press Bookwatch

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