“Pencils” Garners Praise from Hospice Workers

“The Goodnight Moon equivalent for families with grieving youngsters.”

–Rev. Sydney Pierce

With the national Children’s Grief Awareness Day on November 21, hospice workers and teachers are hailing Erin Callaway’s book, Let’s Stick Pencils Up Our Noses, as emotionally satisfying.

“Finally, here is a book geared not for the caregiver, but for the child who grieves,” writes Rev. Sydney Pierce. “There are no elaborate metaphors or complicated ideas that zing over the heads of young ones. Callaway, through simple rhyme and drawings, captures the normal cycle in the life of a child dealing with grief – from silly to curious to sad”– and then it’s back to play! ”It is the Goodnight Moon equivalent for families with grieving youngsters.”

Let's Stick Pencils Up Our Noses by Erin Callaway, CT

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Let’s Stick Pencils Up Our Noses

by Erin Callaway, CT

“As a former first grade teacher who has read thousands of children’s books over the years and has a reverence for quality literature, I must say [“Let’s Stick Pencils Up Our Noses] is stand out and outstanding!”

– Sue Ann Gleason, creator of the Conscious Bites and Chocolate for Breakfast websites.

“Children work through their feelings and make sense of the world through action and play, the language of children. This book beautifully illustrates the ways that children grieve.”

– Deborah L. Drew, Ed. D., LCPC, Associate Professor of Counseling at Husson University.




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